VoiceThread Docs / Universal / Editing / Copying a VoiceThread

Copying a VoiceThread allows you to re-use existing VoiceThread content without having to recreate it. To make a copy:

  1. Access the edit screen.
  2. Click on the “Thread options for {title}” button. Visually this looks like 3 vertical dots near the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select “Make a copy”. This will open a window with the copying options.
  4. Enter a title for your new copy into the “New title” field.
  5. Click on the menu titled “Select comments to copy”, and select whether you want to include all comments, only your own comments, or no comments from the original.
  6. Click “Copy”.
  7. On the success message, click “Close” to return to the original VoiceThread or click “Go to copy” to open the new copy.

If you do not have the “Make a copy” option, that means you do not have permission to copy this VoiceThread. You will need to contact the author to request permission.

screenshot universal-make-a-copy.png